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reviewThe Best Eye Cream That Not Only Reduces Wrinkles by 33%, But Also Reduces Dark Circles and Bags Under Eyes By As Much As 61%…


As you probably know, finding an eye cream that really works to reduce wrinkles and remove the dark circles is almost impossible with all the hundreds of “miracle potions” on the market.

You only need to turn on the TV or open any magazine to be inundated with ads of beautiful celebrities (who actually had facelifts) in their 50’s looking like they have 30 year old skin.

The simple truth is that most anti wrinkle creams are grossly ineffective for the wrinkles and dark circles under your eyes. Unfortunately, the eyes is where the signs of aging show most and by simply removing the wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles under your eyes you can instantly look 10 years younger.

For many of us reaching 40 is a challenging time in life. When you start looking old, you can quickly “lose it” and start to feel old and it’s remarkable how quickly women can lose their confidence and self esteem when they hit the big 4-Zero. I would know, cause I’ve been there and done that.  I’ve also been in your shoes – looking for the best eye cream (or just one that actually works) and being faced with too many choices.

With this in mind I started extensive research on more than 23 of the best eye creams on the market – looking at their medical backing, medical research, value for money and effectiveness. The 2 products that stood out above all the others was Hydrolyze and Revitol.

You can see my full research below, but here are some information on what I know to be the best eye cream, Hydrolyze.

Removes Dark Circles Under Eyes. The Haloxyl in Hydrolyze is designed to not only remove the leaked blood under the skin, but it actually prevents the problem from getting worse. In a double blind study, an impressive 72% of women saw a visible improvement in dark circles under eyes.

Significantly Reduces Wrinkles Around Eyes. The ingredients in Hydrolyze focuses on the 3 main building blocks of youthful skin and stimulates your skin to revive itself. By stimulating the production of Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid and Fibronectin wrinkles are reduced by as much as 33%.

Proven To Work. In a 60 day independent survey, 9 out of every 10 people saw visible results – not just a reduction in wrinkles, but also a significant reduction in dark circles and puffiness. Unlike any other product, 98% of the users said they would recommend it to a friend. 89% of users report that they received compliments on how great their skin looks.

Based on my assessment of the ingredient base, clinical trails, side effects, re-order rate and price, I have come to the conclusion that Hydrolyze is by far the best eye cream.



Hydrolyze Review


The problem with under eye creams is that very few of them target all 3 signs of aging. While many under eye creams do work for wrinkles, most of them cannot get rid of dark circles or bags under eyes. This is where Hydrolyze is miles ahead of its competition.

The active ingredients in Hydrolyze is designed to deal with all 3 under eye problems. The Haloxyl and Matrixyl 3000 have been proven in multiple double blind studies to be the most effective ingredients in fighting wrinkles, dark circles and bags under eyes. While many other anti wrinkle creams contain Matrixyl, Hydrolyze contains the maximum dose that you can safely use.

The fact that 89% of women who use Hydrolyze said they would recommend it to a friend says it all. I recommend it as the best eye cream out of the dozens of products I tested. You can expect to see visible results in as little as 14 days.


bullet-go3Effectiveness – Dark Circles = 7/10
bullet-go3Effectiveness – Wrinkles = 8/10
bullet-go3Effectiveness – Bags Under Eyes = 7/10 Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
bullet-go3Customer Rating: 9/10 Free Bonuses: Balancing Toner
bullet-go3Overall Rating: 8/10 Price: Free (limited trial offer)





articlesChoosing the Best Eye Cream

Each one of us has a desire to look good and appear younger than our real calendar age. However, there are several factors that prevent this from happening. Most of these factors are related to our skin. After all, our skin plays a pivotal role in our physical appearance. Dampening of the skin to a certain extent is closely associated with the aging process.

There are several factors that contribute to the aging of our skin. Lack of sleep, exposure to sun, smoking, excess stress and lack of nutritional food are amongst the most common reasons for skin aging. Most of us can’t evade one or few of these harmful causes, which is why many individuals may appear older than their actual age.

To regain back your real calendar age, you need to devote certain amount of time, effort and money. The combination of all these factors can fetch you one amongst the best eye cream out there in the market. Eye creams are widely available in the market which has immensely contributed to the consumer’s confusion, when it comes to selecting the best eye cream. Celebrities also contribute hugely in confusing a consumer. They are known to promote products they have hardly touched or used. Their false claims lead the consumers in a bewildered state of mind. How is a consumer expected to clear his or her confusion about the best eye cream?

Best eye cream should be evaluated based on the ingredients present in the cream. There is no denying to the fact that there are plenty of companies which spend huge amount of money on advertisements, rather than focusing on the ingredients of the product. Some of these skin care products can have adverse effects on our skin. A small mistake from you end can land you in lots of trouble.

There are several factors one needs to consider while choosing the best eye cream. Let’s have a look at these factors in detail. First and foremost, consider the price of the eye cream. The best eye cream would usually involve a high cost. Do not compromise on the quality of the product for the sake of few dollars. The best eye cream should include components like vitamin C, CoQ10 and Retinol.

The cream should include ingredients which should stimulate the production of collagen. Lack of collagen production is responsible for dark circles below the eyes. Apart from the best eye cream, there are several other natural means to deal with dark circles. One needs to consume lots of fruits and vegetables. Fresh fruits and vegetables play the role of antioxidant preventing the skin from dark circles. One should also train regularly. Regular exercise is a great way to reverse the aging process, and to prevent wrinkles and other skin relating aging conditions.

The best way to select the right eye cream is by looking at the ingredients. Ingredient is the king when it comes to effective skin care. Also, your choice becomes relatively easy and less confusing if you know exactly what you are looking for.


articlesAbout Anti Wrinkle Eye Creams

Anti wrinkle eye cream is a cream intended to treat the areas surrounding your eyes. A good anti wrinkle eye cream can effectively treat dark circle, reduce eye bags, wrinkles and other skin issues you can encounter with growing age. Its core function is to make your skin looks brighter and good, thus providing you with a healthy and younger appearance. It also repairs the elasticity capacity of the skin, which is considered the prime cause of sagging skin.

The skin around the eyes is very delicate which makes it very prone to damage. There are endless reasons to develop wrinkles, dark spots etc on this highly sensitive area. Lack of sleep, unhealthy lifestyle, lack of fluid, nicotine etc is amongst the few reasons for skin damage. Anti wrinkle eye creams contains natural moisturizing properties which protects the skin surrounding the eyes.

Replenishing oils are a part of the anti wrinkle eye creams. Replenishing oils present in most of the anti wrinkle eye cream helps to revive the skin cells near the eyes. It also includes filters which prevents your skin from the hazardous effects of sun rays. Chamomile, plantain, plant and fruits extracts are few other natural ingredients present in an anti wrinkle eye cream. These ingredients play a pivotal role in preventing the itching, redness and other similar problems related to the skin. Almost all the anti wrinkle eye cream do not contain irritants in them as they are applied close to the eyes.

It’s also easy to apply the cream on your face. All you need to do is apply it gently with your fingers on the skin near the eyes. The cream is usually applied before the makeup, but after cleaning the face. Some individuals also use anti wrinkle eye creams as the base before they apply their makeup. For faster absorption, one needs to apply the cream in a circular motion surrounding the skin near the eyes.

The skin near the eyes is undoubtedly very delicate, which is why it becomes extremely important to choose the best anti wrinkle eye cream. Some of the creams out there can have harmful effects on your skin. Also, exercise caution while applying the cream as you will be moving your fingers very close to the eyes. It’s vital that you do not allow the cream to get inside the eyes or else it will call for further trouble. Most importantly, follow all the instructions mentioned on the product label very precisely.

It’s also vital to store the cream in the location as described on the product label. Most of the creams are required to be stored in a cool place, in order to maintain its effectiveness. Remember, you will derive maximum benefits only if you comply with the instructions mentioned on the product label properly.

Also, it’s a cost effective measure to get younger with every passing day. Getting rid of the loose skin, dark spots, and unwanted wrinkles will improve your life.